SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center
SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center

Meditation & Breathwork for Optimal Wellness 

Master Kim's lecture: The Science of Meditation.


Explore breath meditation practice as a way 
of investing in self-care for the body and mind with Taoist Master Hyunmoon Kim.




Host a workshop with Master Kim at your studio, wellness center or practice space! Minimum guest attendance: 20 people or more.


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The latest brainwave research tells us it's possible to unlock the powers of the mind through meditation. Holistic practices like yoga can promote healing, stress resilience, happiness, creativity, and so much more. Now, studies show that breathing is also an important part of any self-care routine. Learn how SunDo, a meditation practice with focused, rhythmic breathwork can lead to optimal health and well-being in your life. No prior experience is necessary.

Program Structure

Morning 9:00AM-12:00PM

Breath, Meditation & The Mind

  • The brainwave states of meditation
  • Breathing as a meditative focus
  • Approaching theta and delta states
  • Beyond the breath: Deep meditation
  • Spacious mind and loss of sensation

The morning begins with a brief SunDo practice of light stretching, meditation and breathwork. Master Kim then discusses the relationship between breathing and meditation followed by Q&A.

Afternoon 1:00-4:00PM

The Lost Art of Breathing

  • Ancient wisdom of the breath
  • Qi as a vital life force in the body
  • Breath meditation in postures
  • Effortlessness & subtle breathing
  • Practicing for lifelong vitality

During the afternoon, Master Kim explains the foundation of Taoist practice and how breathing contributes to a long, healthy life. Participants explore more deeply postures which integrate both breathwork and meditation.



Early Registration  Two weeks in advance.

Full-day registration includes morning and afternoon sessions (9:00 AM-4:00 PM).

Half-day registration available only for the afternoon session (1:00-4:00 PM).


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About Master Kim

Master Hyunmoon Kim is one of twelve masters sanctioned by Taoist Hermit Bekyung in the healing art of SunDo. Teaching the potential for human development since 1980 in North America, South East Asia, and Europe, Master Kim serves as the director of SunDo International, a worldwide association of SunDo educational and practice centers. 


As the head professor of the SunDo Graduate Studies Program in South Korea and a Ph.D. graduate of Philosophy of Human Sciences, Master Kim integrates contemporary knowledge of western science with his traditional eastern training in SunDo and Taoism. He leads retreats and workshops throughout the world.


About SunDo

Founded in 1980, SunDo has expanded throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. SunDo International Association has now become a worldwide organization with practice centers on three continents. Teacher training focuses on the practice and principles of SunDo postures, meditation and breathwork. Retreats are held several times a year in Northern Vermont at the SunDo Retreat Center. SunDo is a 503(c)(3) tax-exempt, educational non-profit organization.

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Held in the beautiful wooded mountains

of Northern Vermont, our retreats support

holistic healing and transformation.


With our SunDo  certification program, students learn to practice and teach breath-centered healing & meditation. 


Around the world,

a network of SunDo practice centers

help people to lead happier, healthier and meaningful lives.

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