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Tao of Life
This book, written by Master Hyunmoon Kim, is an investigation of Sun Do Taoism's personal growth model as a process of self-actualization. The effects of SunDo on physical, emotional and mental health is examined. 



Articles & Publicity

Breathing in SunDo Qi from the Mountains of Korea
An article that recently appeared in Spirit of Change about breathing practices and SunDo relationship to Qi energy.
SunDo Qi.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [496.2 KB]
Taoism in the Korean Mountains
An article that appeared in the Empty Vessel about Taoist practice in Korea and the origins of SunDo.
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Interview with Taoist Master Hyunmoon Kim
Master Kim is interviewed by Dragon Magazine, a popular martial arts publication in Europe.
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At One with Nature and a Taoist Master
An article about Master Kim's retreat in Los Angeles, CA
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