SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center
SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center


Member donations are the true backbone of SunDo. Together, we can make the SunDo Retreat Center an international place of healing for people from all walks of life.


When you make a donation or become a sustaining member, you are supporting SunDo's building project at the retreat center and the daily operations of a SunDo as a global non-profit. 

At SunDo classes or retreats, each practitioner finds health and wholeness in their own way, then bringing a newly-found sense of peace out into the world. 


"It's the member donations that have kept us going all these years. I don't how we do it, but every year the donations come in, and every year, we seem to have just enough." 


          ~ Diane Matta, SunDo Instructor and Treasurer


SunDonations To Date


2008 - Garden Shed - $2000                               2012 - Woodburning Stove - $4000

2009 - Painting & Repairs - $850                         2014 - Matching Fund Campaign - $40,000

2010 - Carpet in Meditation Hall - $5000             2017 - New Building Project - $8,000


                                      2018 - New Building Project - $13,200


Your support helps SunDo with the challenges of sustaining a non-profit organization and promoting our mission of providing a Taoist healing retreat center for all. Thank you!

SunDo Retreat Center Building Project

2018-2019 images of construction progress on the new kitchen dining hall building in Vermont.

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