SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center
SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center


Member donations are the financial lifeblood of our organization! Your contribution allows us to create facilities at the SunDo Retreat Center for people in need of holistic healing practices.


Currently, we are seeking donations toward the new building project already in progress.

Consider becoming a monthly donor... every donation counts no matter the size!



Past member donations have included:

2008 - Garden Shed - $2000                            2009 - Painting & Repairs - $850

2010 - Carpet in Meditation Hall - $5000          2012 - Woodburning Stove - $4000

2014 - Matching Fund Campaign - $40,000     2017 - New Building Project - $8,000


Your support helps SunDo with the challenges of sustaining a non-profit organization and promoting our mission of holistic healing for all.



2018 Recurring Donor Drive


More info coming soon!

Monthly Donations

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Then, enter the monthly amount you wish to donate on PayPal when prompted. Thank you!

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