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Founder, Master Kim

In 1967, Taoist hermit Be-Kyung descended from the mountain practice and began teaching SunDo in Seoul, South Korea. Twelve years later in 1979 his protege, Master Hyunmoon Kim, brought SunDo-Taoist practice to the West.


Since his arrival, Master Kim has been teaching SunDo across the US, Canada and Europe. As a PhD graduate of Philosophy in Human Science, Master Kim integrates contemporary western psychology with ancient eastern wisdom to teach the principles of SunDo and Taoism.




Meet Master Kim and learn more about SunDo practice in this television interview!

Crossing the line of all culture and religion is the desire to find happiness. So, how do we do it?

Listen to the Watered Grass podcast interview with Master Kim . . .

Spirit of Change Interview

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Master Kim entitled, "Sun Do: An Ancient Taoist Breathing Practice Takes Root in New England," featured in Spirit of Change Magazine, Winter 1999.

Master Kim emphasized that he sees his calling to deepen the practice of SunDo, not merely to popularize it by exposing it to as many people as possible. "I understand the life of the hermit," he said, speaking of his training and intensive retreats in Korea with Be-Kyung, his teacher. "And I know life in the city. In order to fulfill my duty in society, I can try to make Sun Do more popular. Or I can go for more quality, to bring the practice to a new level in the West but to maintain the wisdom of the tradition."

The Tao of Life

Master Kim's dissertation describes SunDo's affect on practitioners' personal growth and mental health development. To promote peace and health in world society, Master Kim directs a graduate program at Hanseo University in South Korea. The SunDo-Taoist Studies Master's Program focuses on creating educators who have a strong sense of self-realization and wholeness. Combining SunDo practice with academic studies in Taoism, students explore a wide range of topics. For a listing of available courses, please see our Graduate Program Curriculum.

"The main idea of Taoism is non-force; to let things happen naturally. In Taoist practice, we learn the principle of letting things go their natural way so that we can understand and awaken to the truth of the natural world.

Like water, when we allow ourselves to flow, we are naturally drawn down the channels that we are meant to take; we go to the places where we are meant to be."


~ Hyunmoon Kim, Taoist Master

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