SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center
SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center

                 Retrospective: 1967 to 2017

       Happenings over the last 50 years as SunDo travels from the mountain to the city.




Master Chung San's Descent

While delivering a letter from a mountain temple in South Korea, Chung San met a Tao Master who persuaded him to live a hermit life and practice SunDo. After 20 years of training in the mountains, the Tao Master announced it was time for Chung San to descend into society and begin teaching the practice of SunDo in modern times. 


SunDo Re-emerges After 1000 Years

Chung San re-introduced SunDo into Korean society opening the first SunDo practice center in Seoul. For more than 1,000 years previously, it had been practiced exclusively in the mountains, passed down from teacher to student. Eventually, many practice centers became firmly established in Korea's cities and towns under Master Chung San's leadership.


Master Hyunmoon Kim Brings SunDo West

Master Kim, one of twelve masters sanctioned by Chung San, has worked very hard to carry on his teachings here in the US, Europe and Asia. Master Kim attained a Ph. D in the Philosophy of the Human Sciences and has blended his traditional Eastern teachings with an emphasis on academic studies.


Master Chung San's Farewell

After 15 years of service to his fellow human beings, Chung San quietly returned to the hermit life in the mountains, leaving a legacy of  teachers and practitioners world-wide dedicated to his vision of improving life and creating a more uplifted society.


The SunDo Retreat Center is Born

Situated in the rolling hills of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, the SunDo Retreat Center sits on 72 acres of land.  A meditation hall was built and retreats have now been held there for the past 20 years.


Professor Kim's Graduate Program

At Hanseo University in South Korea, Master Kim developed a graduate studies program where students can earn a Master's degree in theoretical and the practical application of SunDo. In addition, the Institute for SunDo-Taoist Cultural Research provides opportunities for academic reserach.


SunDo Education & Outreach Programs

Instructors at various SunDo centers began offering more introductory workshops to educate the public about SunDo practice. Plans for an accelerated instructor training program were intiated and continue to be reviewed and revised.


New Building Projects Gets Underway

Construction has begun on the brand new kitchen and dining hall facility! Building plans also include several sleeping cabins for guests. The Retreat Center expansion project will provide a place for people to learn about the life-affirming benefits of SunDo practice.

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