SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center
SunDo Taoist Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center


SunDo Taoist Healing Arts is the North American Chapter of a worldwide educational non-profit, the International SunDo Association. SunDo is a practice that brings balance to the body, mind and spirit through Taoist postures, breathwork and meditation. Integrating these modalities into one holistic practice, SunDo is both breath and body-centered where the consistency of one's own personal practice is the key to self-development and true transformation. 


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Summer Retreat 2019

July 26 - August 4

Come build energy surrounded by the green mountains of Northern Vermont. Every morning will include a double SunDo practice and every day will bring new and inspiring workshops. This retreat is an opportunity to reset and ground yourself through the postures and breath meditation of SunDo.  Learn more or register >>

Learn more about SunDo's Grandmaster Chung San, or Blue Mountain, in a recent article by Master Ron Catabia published in Journal of Daoist Studies, Feb. 2019


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Read an excerpt:

SunDo has been practiced mostly in seclusion -- passed down from teacher to student in the mountains -- for over 9,700 years.


At the age of thirteen, Master Chung San (the name means “Blue Mountain”) left his home in Su-Won to train as a Buddhist monk in the Korean mountains. While delivering a letter from the temple one day, Chung-San encountered a strange man who approached him with a curious proposition... 

Read our latest article featured in Spirit of Change magazine, Breathing in SunDo Qi, written by Master Teacher Ron Catabia...


"SunDo breathing is the catalyst that expands our body, mind and spirit to energetically connect with the world."

SunDo Retreats are a time to refine your practice for healing and transformation. Our retreat center is situated on 72 acres of land in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Visit our Calendar for upcoming retreat information. Beginners are always welcome! 


Interested in the opportunity to participate in a personal retreat experience? The SunDo Retreat Center accepts volunteers during the month of July. Your time and talents could greatly help with improvements to our facility, landscaping and gardens, or repairs and maintenance. Contact us to learn more!



View from the SunDo Retreat Center Meditation Hall in Barnet, VT (2008)

About Us

Founded in 1979 in the United States, SunDo Healing Arts has grown from a small practice group to a world-wide organization.


Learn more about us! Meet our instructors, senior teachers and our headmaster. We're looking forward to meeting you as well!


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